Burgeoning Success Whiteboard Wednesday!Apr 18, 2012


Skullgirls has been out for a week, and we’re still busy!

It really never ends. The first DLC character is underway, and we’re planning out the first update.


Of course, the artists found some time to scribble some things on the whiteboard, which may or may not be related to the tasks at hand.













MYSTERI... Oh, it's just Marie.



Demon Girl



39 Responses to “Burgeoning Success Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. brs and dead master aaaaah <33 i've been watching the anime and it's awesome

  2. Morgan says:

    Whoever came up with “Squig-Li” deserves a promotion. Also, Batsu-Maruclops is starting to freak me out now.

  3. leon says:

    now if only there were black rock shooter costumes that came with the emotional disarray

  4. MChibi says:

    Next Whiteboard Wednesday needs to have everyone in the cast adorned in boy shorts.


  5. steevan says:

    are you trying to put Black Rock shooter casts into the gammmeeee ?????? 8D

  6. ktsu says:

    black rock spoiler

  7. Rho says:

    Well, how can we european PS3 owners get the first dlc character, if the game still seems far away from release? :( Everyone acts as if Skullgirls is already released. But it wasn’t for us. And Europe isn’t actually…. a small place.

    • ruins72 says:

      it didn’t come out yet for you guys? wow that sucks. I’m like the most impatient person i know. hang in there man.

  8. Orochan says:

    Demon girl by Reverge labs. hmmmmm

  9. Keropon:_ says:

    When is Bikini Bible-chan gonna be announced as a DLC character for Skullgirls? :3

  10. Zahlzeit says:

    Whoa is that eu03′s work I see there?

  11. sosbrigader says:

    Black Rock Shooter! I knew I loved you guys for a reason! <3

  12. BrosubTaco says:

    The baby versions are so adorable :3

  13. Skullgirls Fan says:

    I hope they are working on venus lovelace as next dlc i love her style!!!!!

  14. Barón Injusticia says:


  15. Ozimul says:

    Marie is too cute. Stop it Marie!

  16. Raymond says:

    Hahaha baby parasoul. Adorable.

  17. SomeDudeontheInterwebs says:

    D’aww…baby Squigly is so cute! Also, I demand to see Baby Ms. Fortune! POST-HASTE!

  18. Noxshade says:

    Dead Master and B★RS!

  19. gray reaper says:

    awww is that baby peacock? she so cute

  20. Frankie says:

    Sweet can’t wait till Tuesday. Keep it up Revengelabs!

  21. RadiantArtist says:


  22. Andrew says:

    I LOVE Skullgirls! I’m looking forward to more content. Keep up the great work everyone! :)

    If Skullgirls statues/figures are put onto the Official Skullgirls Store, I’d love to buy them. Cerebella, Valentine, and Ms. Fortune are my team! :D

  23. ND92 says:

    Already got delicious new content on the way? Good stuff, also very glad the game has been a success so far

  24. Andrew C says:


  25. Grahav says:

    Demon chick with scout sees Squig-Li.

    IT IS OVER 9000!

  26. Monkey D Super says:


  27. ruins72 says:

    Theses are amazing! And just wanna say to all the people who made this game you did an AMAZING job. I’m always getting my butt kicked in everything from SF to Brawl, and this game is helping with that. I was actually able to play on Ridiculous. Just can’t get past Marie. So thanks again guys.

  28. ruins72 says:

    oh and around when are we gonna see squiggly/umbrella? the next few months? Cuz im dyin’ here.

  29. dev says:

    Jun kazama for the next whiteboard please and I second Andrew’s statement, we need skullgirls figures. Get in touch with japanese figure companies Alter or Megahouse and make it happen =)

  30. cogzwell says:

    Hopefully Squiggly gets a Chun-Li reference palette.

  31. Squig-LiPlease make this a custom costume!

  32. Squig-LiPlease make this a custom costume!

  33. UguuBawn says:

    Can I just carry them babies home aaaargh

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