Chart-Topping Jazz Whiteboard Wednesday!Apr 25, 2012


The Skullgirls Orginal Soundtrack has released! Despite being out for around 24 hours, it’s already topping the charts!

In addition to poring over soundtrack sales data, the team has been rather enjoying Denko Saga – I am fairly sure that Reverge Labs has an EXCLUSIVE on Denko Saga fan art… and will pretend that is a good thing for the time being.


Progress on the first DLC character continues, patch plans are firming up… things are happening, and stuff! Be very, very excite.








Squig-pai and Fez-brella


C'mon Get Cereal!



600 E-mails



Hunting Denko



22 Responses to “Chart-Topping Jazz Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. Rocketfetus says:


  2. Sbasks says:

    Pssscht. I see something nekkid and tentacly in the second panel but its’s off the picture. How could you?

  3. v says:

    a-ko schemin for them yens

  4. jackelbeaver says:

    that second one looks like theres a naked filia off panel

  5. Buffalo says:

    Needs more shining wizarding.

  6. Tom says:

    Please oh please give Umbrella a move called “Rising Taco.”

  7. EltonBM says:

    Oh my.

  8. serket says:

    WOW i love the rendition of the [help!] saga, really nice haha, and the little junji itou lines around OP. denko’s face is perfect haha, and the golddigging girl haha, well done.

  9. Laura says:

    Please put Rising Taco in the game. For great justice, it must be done.

  10. Inxplotch says:

    I’ve read Danko’s saga (at least the first thread) a couple of days ago, and That smilie just bothers me to no end now. Also I don’t know how to feel about fanart existing for it. what have you guys done? :U

  11. Ruins72 says:

    Bella’s move is rising taco?

  12. James Reilly says:

    “Rising Taco” as a special move name make it happens please ^-^

  13. Honey Boy says:

    I love the Gomez Umbrella. That would be reason enough for me to use her if she had that color scheme.

  14. Cgreat Terry interpretation !!!

  15. Cgreat Terry interpretation !!!

  16. Andrew says:

    I LOVE Skullgirls! Congratulations on all of your success Reverge Labs, Autumn Games, and Konami! I will continue to support Skullgirls as new content releases. :D

  17. Alcren says:

    Great game, I really like it alot, however i was wondering if there were any plans for a port on the vita

  18. Ruins 72 says:

    I just noticed that Umbrella doodle is a Fez reference( 1st pic). Amazing.

  19. Role says:

    So… Loving the album, and with a lack of a forum to ask this in, I figured a related White Board Wednesday would be the closest appropriate thing, so… here we go:

    Out of curiosity, since we’ll likely have new stages in the future… and thus quite likely new music to go with them… do you guys think you could release another amazing album once you get enough new stages to fill one? I’d absolutely love another album from you guys, this is one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in a while.

  20. Monkey D Super says:

    Umbrella as Terry? lol.

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