Descent Into Madness Whiteboard Wednesday!Apr 5, 2012




g  o  b  a  c  k

Why…? Oh, yes, indeed.

No, my dear, that simply will not… marmots! THERE ARE MARMOTS!

it hurts  it hurts

Where did they go? WHERE? I… I…

…I’m.. h… a  p  p  y





More Beauteous Odin Sphere Art


Morning Routine

 (Psst! Friend and contractor Yeppeo drew this!)


Looking For His Lost Love



Probably Should've Done This One FIrst






23 Responses to “Descent Into Madness Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. TJ says:

    Velvet DLC costume for Ms. Fortune.

    Do it.

  2. Nonoriri says:

    Needs more Susumu Hirasawa.

  3. Vinyl says:

    I like that Nisemongatri reference in the Cerebella pic

  4. Jurgen says:

    ah cool, I do like the first picture very much. it looks interesting

  5. Troy says:

    Earthbound and Odin Sphere, awesome!

  6. Brodusa says:

    Looks like Yeppeo likes Nisemonogatari, I applaud his reference to an awesome show, especially since he used Cerebella to do it.

  7. LordTerminal says:

    Is that description at the top an Earthbound reference? Because it really does remind me too much of Giygas’ dialog.

    • EmpyrealEmber says:

      “It hurts It hurts” and “I’m… h a p p y” are direct quotes from the ol’ universal cosmic destroyer, yeah. Don’t know about the rest, though.

  8. Monkey D Super says:

    Hoping to see Lupin and Fujiko in the next WW, in honor of the new Lupin anime (made by the people of the forever awesome Redline movie). ;)

  9. Emerl Lad says:

    Dare I spy Odin Sphere.

    I tip my hat to you good sirs of Skullgirls.

    Also Tired Cerebella getting vice versa to brush for her is pure genius. I’m making comics about it.

  10. Fychan says:

    Rather than a Nisemonogatari reference, I thought Yeppeo was referencing this:
    Either way, it’s an awesome drawing!

  11. cogzwell says:

    I suggest everyone click each of the images…

  12. Kit Ballard says:

    The group sure does have a thing for drawing Megaman stuff XD

  13. Your art is so awesome..!

  14. The Left Thigh says:

    Come to think of it, a sentient hat with arms would be extremely handy in daily life.

  15. James Bishop says:

    OK why does when I click the pictures it takes me to youtube videos?

  16. Tye The Czar says:

    What I’d do for Katawa Shoujo fanart….

  17. RuRi says:

    Why is it when I feel like playing Earthbound, suddenly everywhere I go has something Earthbound related? Must be linked, or somethin’.

    And I wish I had a hat to brush my teeth and stuff, I’m too tired to do it myself sometimes >:

  18. LKArtillery says:

    I like how the Megaman picture is titled “Looking For His Lost Love”…

    …when that image of Peacock is right near him, looking all faint and faraway XP I have a feeling he’ll just end up disappointed

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