Post-release 100% Official Fan Art Friday!Apr 13, 2012


Skullgirls is out, making for a hectic and fulfilling week!


As Reverge Labs absorbs the praise and ponders how to address the complaints, our stable of amazing, purebred contract artists have provided another outpouring of “Official” fan art to celebrate that game’s release!


You can always submit your own fan art to, and be sure to let me know how you’d like to be credited!

"Official" Skullgirls Fan Art by TheRagingSpaniard

TheRagingSpaniard drew this epic clash in Little Innsmouth!



"Official" Skullgirls Fan Art by Rinzu

 Peacock smokes like a chimney in this awesome piece by Rinzu.


"Official" Skullgirls Fan Art by Steven

 Valentine uses Torture! It’s not very effective…

Thanks, Steven!


Official Skullgirls Fan Art By A-Bad-Idea
This is only the first frame of a short comic strip by A-Bad-Idea – be sure to click through to see the whole thing!



Official Skullgirls Fan Art by Matias

 Mrs. Victoria’s got her work cut out for her in this piece by Matias.


 I love the style of this sleek painting by UponThouFairCat.


In this beautiful AND thought-provoking piece by Nubbas, Double relaxes with a cup of… herself?


 Enlisting players would be easy with ads like these. Thanks, Robaato!


Have caffeine at the ready, for Filia’s (and Reverge’s) battle has only just begun! Thanks, Shoji-Ikari!


Lanimal out-memes the memers. Begin your search and replaces… now!


 Contractors and recent Whiteboard Contributor Yeppeo drew us another piece of fan art!


 …More impressive still is this custom Parasoul figure Yeppeo made for Alex as a gift!


 LuMaGa sent over this stylish Filia portrait!


 Cerebella wields her flowchart to devastating effect in this piece by RandomArtist!


 This week’s party shot comes courtesy of Sprite37!


 …Indeed we will.
Thanks, Diorpara!


11 Responses to “Post-release 100% Official Fan Art Friday!”

  1. Anthony McKay says:

    Amazing art as usual. As Frank West would say “FAAAANTASTIC”

  2. "Official" Skullgirls Fan Art by TheRagingSpaniardCerebella ROCKS! Great art ; )

  3. "Official" Skullgirls Fan Art by TheRagingSpaniardCerebella ROCKS! Great art ; )

  4. Role says:

    Ha ha ha, I love how Ms Fortune’s just chowing down as she plays. That’s awesome.

  5. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    Wow. Of all the wonderful Fanart Fridays we’ve had, this is my favorite thus far! Seriously, I want to comment on almost all the pictures individually. I probably will, actually, when I have more time to spare at leisure.

    I must say, though… Sprite37′s and Shoji-Ikari’s renditions of Filia seem much too, er… well, too plump for my liking. I mean yes, Filia’s “Likes” include Milkshakes and a nice meal, and she definitely has quite a copious figure, but I insist that she’s not fat. These are, with due respect to the artists, a tidbit insulting to me, fan of the little girl that I am.

    • TheAmericanDream says:

      While they are a tad bit thicker looking then say Alex Ahad draws them I don’t think its too odd outside their style and they hardly look fat to me. I think thats a bit of a stretch to call them that. I don’t think it was at all meant to be insulting to the character Filia either. They are fair representations of the character to me.

  6. Andrew says:

    Awesome art, as usual. :)

    I’m loving Skullgirls right now. Can’t wait for more content (game, OST, avatars, etc.). Thanks again everyone! :D

  7. Monkey D Super says:

    My favorites would have the ones by UponThouFairCat, Robaato and RandomArtist.

  8. Andrew says:

    I just read about the possibility of Skullgirls figures. If these are like statues of the characters. You can bet I’ll buy them. I’d love to own statues of Cerebella, Valentine, and Ms. Fortune. They’re my team! :D

  9. "Official" Skullgirls Fan Art by TheRagingSpaniardAnd now its time for something spectacular!!!

  10. "Official" Skullgirls Fan Art by TheRagingSpaniardAnd now its time for something spectacular!!!

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