Sweet Release Whiteboard Wednesday!Apr 11, 2012


Aaahhh… sweet release.

It actually happened. Skullgirls came out! You can go and play it! Right now, even!

Why aren’t you playing it now!?

Well, if you need to rest your eyes, then rest them on these fine new additions to our whiteboard.







More Yeppeo Guest Doodles


Yeppeo Guest Doodles

 (Psst! Friend and contractor Yeppeo drew these last two again!)


Frog Car and Mysterious Character


Ladies and Gentlemen…

Your Skullgirls art team!

Your Skullgirls Art Team



Your Skullgirls Art Team #2



19 Responses to “Sweet Release Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. DARKJUSTE says:

    This game is f****** amazing!!! The only thing it lacks is the replay saving mode which I love. Please say this is gonna be future DLC!!! T___T

    Congratulations for such a splendid work. I hope to see Skullgirls 2 sometime after the games gets known better.

  2. Role says:

    Loving the game, guys! Still working on becoming more than a fighting game noob, so wish me some luck.

    Loving the chibis on the board, by the way. ^-^

  3. Darqmyst says:

    Popped in to say THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK! Just playing for a few hours between work shifts I have fallen in love with this game. I hope this becomes the next big fighting franchise! *cheers* and once again, THANK YOU! :D

  4. SeeGee says:

    Love the game. Good work. Nice flow!

  5. ErikB says:

    Congrats. I sure would love to play it but it has yet to appear in my PSN store.

  6. CatFromDream says:

    Stop teasing! D:

    Why not playing?!

    Cause living in Europe… T_T

    Please, please, please say it’s gonna be soon now…

  7. Austin Smith says:

    Loving Skullgirls guys!

    Dr. Shark demands whiteboard time!

  8. Firekid2 says:

    God, Filia and Ms. Fortune are sooooo much fun.

  9. ZillaXLeo says:

    The game looks amazing right down to the last detail. Please keep drawing!!

  10. Andrew says:

    I absolutely LOVE Skullgirls! I refreshed the PlayStation Store and my web browser constantly until Skullgirls was available. I plan on buying all future content. Thank you so much Skullgirls team! Thanks to Reverge Labs, Autumn Games, and Konami. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! :D

  11. RuRi says:

    Yeah I bet you’re all having fun while I’m waiting for the EU PSN to atleast give us a release date for it ;_;

    I hope it comes out over here soon!

    MEANWHILE, I’ll just look at these pretty doodles!

  12. GeekyAnon says:

    Seeing all of the doodles of that MYSTERIOUS CHARACTER, I assume you guys are already hard at work on DLC stuff. You can do it~

    I enjoy what’s already in the game immensely, btw. Peacock’s story had me crying almost the entire time.

  13. Karhs says:

    The reason I’m not playing it yet is because it’s not yet out for PC!
    I dont’ mean to sound like an impatient dickbutt, but I have pretty much been on the verge of exploding for a while now.
    It’s like, why can’t I hold all this excitement?

  14. homeless hero says:

    I’m with RuRi, give us the european PSN release date!

    Or at least tell us WHY only (for now) the XBLA version is available worldwide? Some sort of legal issue?

  15. Andrew says:

    I heard that the official Skullgirls soundtrack will be released on iTunes sometime soon. I’ll be purchasing that too! :)

  16. Peter says:

    The reason we’re not giving an EU PSN release date is because we haven’t been given one yet. The closest thing we’ve got is that we think we’ll be released by the end of the month.

    SCEE’s approval process is entirely separate from SCEA’s, and even though both were submitted around the same time and we tried for a simultaneous release, the easter holiday and other things have delayed the European release somewhat.

    As soon as we have a confirmed release date, we will let you know! But just like with the US release date, it will probably be announced only a few days before it actually releases.

  17. Monkey D Super says:

    “Why aren’t you playing it now!?”

    Because it hasn’t come to EU yet. *sniff*

  18. Ozimul says:

    Not playing because I don’t have Xbox Live or Microsoft points… and the peripherals cost a stupid amount.
    Oh well, I can at least watch tournament footage.

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