Adjective Noun Whiteboard Wednesday!May 9, 2012


Things continue apace – there really isn’t anything new to say about this.

As you may have seen from our Official Fan Art, we work with a veritable army of awesome people, but this isn’t limited to just those visual-types.

No, in fact this extends to our aural artists, our fantastic voice cast! When they aren’t talenting it up in the studio, they’re doping around in the game and having a great time.


And, hmm… I’m not paid to provide punditry, but… am I seeing a theme in these recent Whiteboard Wednesdays?








Dog Fortune









13 Responses to “Adjective Noun Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. Ausdrake says:

    I am looking forward to playing this MYSTERIOUS CHARACTER. Her mysterious mysteriousness intrigues me.

  2. Boxcars says:

    I think that’s just not-undead Squigly

  3. OmNomNomNom says:

    So hype for Squigly!

  4. Meplike says:

    Dog fortune xD Best :D D

  5. d3v says:

    I see that someone is a Ranma 1/2 fan.

  6. Blev says:

    I have no clue who the first DLC character is going to be, it’s a complete mystery. We have no way of knowing! If only there were some kind of… whiteboard that could give us clues. But oh well.

  7. SomerandomDivekickfan says:

    Wait no DiveKick whiteboard pictures? No Squick and Divella?

  8. HiImKikka says:

    Dog Ms.Fortune skin premium DLC!

  9. Sean says:

    Dog Ms. Fortune confirmed for first DLC character.

  10. Metafogos says:

    Waiting for the Steam version ^^

  11. Monkey D Super says:

    Ohhhh, I wonder who the first dlc character could be… ;)

  12. Spottinzki says:

    LOL Ms Fortunes dog :D

  13. Novs says:

    i know who is the first DLC. YOU CANT FOOL ME REVERGE

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