Dinnertime Fun Whiteboard Wednesday!May 17, 2012


“Artists abhor a void.” Even if that void might be obscured by large amounts of pasta.

Last night we had a send-off for a coworker who is heading north on a new adventure, and between the gorging and (drunken) gabbing, Jon, Mariel and Paul filled their tablecloth with art.

So in addition to some of our usual highly topical and equally random whiteboard art, we’ve got a ton of tablecloth doodles for you, too!

From everyone at Reverge Labs, we wish you the best, Rick!






Ripped From Today's Headlines


Little Sister



Tablecloth Art



Tablecloth Art



Tablecloth Art



Tablecloth Art



Tablecloth Art



Moe Double

 This rendition of “Moe Double” was inspired by a Japanese tweet, and drawn on the tablecloth a few weeks ago.


12 Responses to “Dinnertime Fun Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. Boxcars says:


  2. ErikB says:

    I see the amount of scribblings have increased since the game came out.

  3. Brodusa says:

    all the pokèmon throughout the drawings. ugoop

  4. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    D’Aww! See people, Double is capable of cuteness, as well. <:D

  5. LordTerminal says:

    Is it any coincidence that this Whiteboard Wednesday has a lot of Pokemon on it just after Nintendo released a bunch of Black 2 and White 2 information?

  6. Ruins72 says:

    Are those penises? I see like two. Awesome doodles though.

  7. ePremier says:

    I expect this is where the idea of the “Moe Double” comes from:

  8. TaxExemption says:

    Rolento drawing is priceless. Gotta love Capcom patches. On a better note, this looks like the best table to sit at ever

  9. vgbnd says:

    heyyy that’s, Bubsy in one of those sketch pages isn’t it?

  10. Ozimul says:

    My gods… that Double… I’m still scared of her…

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