Fan Art Friday!May 4, 2012


Not much to report this week – we’re out in Europe and Australia on PSN, and we’re coming to PC in a few months! Other than that, we’re continuing work on the first patch and DLC character.


The amount of fan art out there continues to grow, and of course we’ve got another batch of it to share with you this week.


You can always submit your own fan art to, and be sure to let me know how you’d like to be credited!








Final Cake drew this excellent rendition of Cerebella and Vice-Versa!



水.橋( ◕ ‿‿ ◕ )シグ_26678451_p2

 The oddly-named 水.橋( ◕ ‿‿ ◕ )シグ drew this humorously macabre portrait of Ms. Fortune playing with herself.



Skullgirls Fan Art by Gokotan

 Double’s monster and nun forms commingle in this creepy painting by Gokotan.



Skullgirls Fan Art by Nikukabe

Minette may very well be the most adorable fishgirl ever, and Nikukabe has captured her cuteness quite nicely.



Skullgirls Fan Plush by Eriko

 Today Alex received a package from a fan, and inside was… a bomb. A plush George, in fact!

We were really touched by Eriko’s heartfelt letter and impressed by her hand-made gift, and just had to share it with everyone.

Alex and everyone at Reverge would like to thank Eriko for her support. It’s fans like you that keep us going!

Also, let this be a lesson to all of you: toys are welcome… also cookies.



8 Responses to “Fan Art Friday!”

  1. Masose says:

    Minette is adorable! But im very interested in what the letter says =3

  2. James Reilly says:

    lol nice… not everyday we get a ‘bomb’s a gift

  3. Monkey D Super says:

    Plush George is very nice, wish I got gifts like that.

  4. Morgan says:

    Hmm…Now I have to figure out how to send cookies without them crumbling along the way there.

  5. Miko says:

    “Today Alex received a package from a fan, and inside was… a bomb.” I loled so much

  6. Andrew says:

    I love reading Fan Art Friday!

    I really like that Cerebella drawing.

    That plush George must’ve been a nice surprise.

    Everyone quick! They’ve hinted that they want cookies! Send cookies! :D

  7. Iruku says:

    Normally, you wouldn’t be too happy about getting a bomb in the mail.

  8. FellaDudeMan says:

    Sinbad: “This is a sick world we’re livin’ in! Sick people!”

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