Fan Art Friday!May 25, 2012


Another Friday comes and goes, with it another batch of fan art!


We’re consistently amazed and delighted by not only the sheer output of fan art we’re seeing, but also the excellent quality.


You can always submit your own fan art to, and be sure to let me know how you’d like to be credited!




Skullgirls Fan Art By Eddie Harris

Eddie Harris sent this charming piece of fan art in, and we quickly fell in love with Ms. Sphixune and Solar Double.



Peacock and some of her 8-Bomb friends paint the town red in this excellent painting by ChesireUsagi.



 Selvix’s take on Double is really stylish.



Finally, we end with Yukisato’s awesome montage of the entire Skullgirls cast.

10 Responses to “Fan Art Friday!”

  1. Reaper Vahn says:

    Eddie got his fanart in! He showed some of us a few pieces on our Skullgirls FB group.

  2. James Reilly says:

    loved the first pic

  3. Monkey D Super says:

    I like Yukisato’s fanart, very cool.

  4. Grahav says:

    Samson reading Morrigan’s Playboy while Filia is unaware.

  5. Eddie Harris says:

    I did that because summer is almost here!!

  6. Eddie Harris says:

    Valentine is giving poor Peacock a swimsuit PULL!!!

  7. Liljimmy says:

    The first picture is adorable.

  8. Eddie Harris says:

    Thanks LilJimmy. The one where Valentine atomic wedgies Peacock while Filia is sun bathing.

  9. Spottinzki says:

    I Love the final picture :)
    Also im super excited about the future DLC.

  10. A fan says:

    Eddie’s fan art is cool, but where’s Cerebella and Umbrella? And CheshireUsagi’s portrait of Peacock rocks too. I wonder how long it took Yukisato to draw that montage?

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