Fan Art Friday!Jun 29, 2012


Fan Art Friday is back!


Next week is a big week! No, not the 4th of July – we’ll be at Evo 2012┬árunning our side-tournament, so don’t expect an installment of Fan Art Friday. We’ll try to return in fine form the following week, though!


You can always submit your own fan art to, and be sure to let me know how you’d like to be credited!





Skullgirls Fan Art by RitsuNeko

RitsuNeko’s rendition of Parasoul has a decidedly elegant, shoujo flair.



Skullgirls Fan Art by SS2

SS2 imagines the possibilities of a detachable head in this portrait of Ms. Fortune.



Skullgirls Fan Art by Wandayuu

In Wandayuu’s painting, Valentine sits for a spell and takes in the aftermath of a bloody battle.



Skullgirls Fan Art by Kuzusanpai

Double unleashes her untold horrors in this disturbing, detailed and awesome illustration by Kuzusanpai.



Skullgirls Fan Art by Yojio

The oft-returning Yojio makes a not-so-subtle plea for some new character palettes.

Let me assure you now… these WILL happen some day.



8 Responses to “Fan Art Friday!”

  1. James Reilly says:

    YES to Marie and Peacock palette ^-^

  2. Jet Set Dizzy says:

    Marie confirmed.

  3. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    “Imagines the possibilities of a detachable head…”

    I never thought I’d hear/read any members of the official Skullgirls cast admitting that. Oh, the insurmountable sex-appeal, it BURNZZ!

  4. Monkey D Super says:


    • Ryan says:

      Monkey D Super: We’re all thinkin’ it (well, some of us, anyway. I know I am), you came out and said it. On behalf of my Ms. Fortune-enamored-and-aroused self, thank you for voicing what I couldn’t.

  5. Skullgirls Fan Art by Wandayuunever before have ninja and nurse come together in one body…so glqd they did now

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