Shallow Boobstick Whiteboard Wednesday!Jun 13, 2012


Between work and E3, it’s been a chaotic couple of weeks.


The title of today’s entry comes from a letter sent in by a fan, extolling the myriad virtues of Skullgirls,┬ábut one phrase stood out: “shallow boobstick.” This fan felt our story mode showed us to have a distinct lack of these, so the artists decided to draw one.


Hopefully this installment of Whiteboard Wednesday will mark a return to normalcy… that is, if you can call any of this “normal.”



Shallow Boobstick





Queen of France?








8 Responses to “Shallow Boobstick Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. Morgan says:

    Aww yeah, Whiteboard Wednesday is back!

  2. EltonBM says:

    Spinning Painwhell Bird Spikes Kick. And I just imagine Filia trying to do a Carmen Miranda Cosplay. Would be a problem.

  3. Martholomule says:

    “I’m the queen of France!”

    Where have I heard that? Homsar? Maybe. It’s on the tip of my tongue, but…

  4. ThatOneSquirrel says:

    Gotta respect Pain-Li!

  5. Spottinzki says:

    IM glad Whiteboard Wednesday is back. I laugh so much At Filia boobs LOL :)

  6. Zaranell says:

    On the off chance you read this again, Martholomule, that quote is from the “Rejected Cartoon Ads” video.

  7. Grahav says:

    I missed this.

  8. Deive_Ex says:

    Man, I LOVE the white board *-*
    It’s so cool to see the people responsable for such a incredible game with such incredible art enjoying their work with random drawings…lol
    I wish someday I can do that too…

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