Fall 2012 UpdateNov 26, 2012


Hello Reverge fans and friends!  It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a chance to give you an update, and with the recent release of the first Skullgirls patch, this is a good time.

More than a hundred people around the world put in months of long hours and dedicated effort on Skullgirls writing code, making art, and scripting gameplay and cinematics. We are proud to have enabled this enormous effort to make Skullgirls into a commercial game.

As anyone familiar with our industry knows, the time directly after shipping a game is the most difficult for any developer. Some of you may have heard that Reverge is currently not engaged to work on Skullgirls. While we kept our entire team together for as long as we could, we eventually had to make the difficult decision to make some layoffs in order to stay in business.

Layoffs are always a terrible situation, so we were happy to hear that Autumn Games was able to give Skullgirls Creator Alex Ahad and Lead Gameplay Designer Mike Zaimont the chance to expand and ultimately ship the Skullgirls patch.  We wish them great success with their new venture, Lab Zero Games.  If you have any questions about the status of Skullgirls, please contact Autumn Games directly. Autumn is the only official source of information about Skullgirls sales, development details and budgets, and future plans.

Meanwhile, the artists, and designers, and programmers at Reverge Labs continue forward with our company goals of creating new technology and game designs to fit the rapidly changing landscape of digitally distributed video games.

I wish everyone Happy Holidays and many more hours of fun playing Skullgirls,

-Richard Wyckoff, CEO

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