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About Us

Reverge Labs LLC was founded in 2010 by video game industry veterans Richard Wyckoff and Emil Dotchevski.  We are dedicated to creating high-quality, accessible, and memorable downloadable and online games using cutting-edge development practices and the intelligent application of technology.

Our team of veteran developers has decades of combined game development experience from PC to console, with dozens of shipped title that have sold millions of copies.


Reverge is represented by Interactive Studio Management (ISM).

Management Team

Richard Wyckoff

Richard Wyckoff
Founder and CEO

Since the videogame industry’s breakout success in the mid 1990s, Mr. Wyckoff has been a videogame designer and manager at industry leaders such as Electronic Arts/Pandemic Studios, Vivendi Universal, and Dreamworks Interactive. He has been a guiding force on critically-acclaimed titles such as THQ’s Full Spectrum Warrior and Looking Glass Technologies’ Flight Unlimited, and collaborated with creative luminaries such as Steven Spielberg and Warren Spector.



Emil Dotchevski
Founder and CTO

Mr. Dotchevski is an expert in C++, software architecture and game engine technology. His vast professional experience spans two decades, from Apple ][ and ZX Spectrum in the 80s, Sony Playstation and Sega Dreamcast in the 90s, to XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 today.

Mr. Dotchevski has an MS degree in Computer Science from the Kliment Ohridski university in Sofia, Bulgaria. In his free time he loves traveling, especially visiting national parks, and can often be seen on his motorcycle riding through the Malibu canyons.



Skullgirls is an all-new fighting game IP, currently in development for Autumn Games.

Sporting hand-drawn HD sprites, first-ever per pixel lighting systems for 2D art, gameplay innovatively evolved and refined by a competitive champion and a memorable story and cast of characters, Skullgirls is a refreshing take on the newly-ascendant fighting genre.

Recently unveiled to the press at GDC 2011, Skullgirls garnered a lot of extremely positive coverage.  Visit the Games page for the latest information.


Skullgirls Team

Mike Zaimont
Project Lead and Designer

Mike’s game development career began when his parents bought him an Amiga as a bribe to stop him from doing dangerous things on his dirt bike.

Eventually this led to a 6-year tenure as programmer/combat designer at Pandemic Studios. Highlights of this time at Pandemic include designing and scripting all of the Jedi and heroes for Star Wars Battlefront II, creating a groundbreaking animation system for next-gen games, and leading a triage team for the combat in Lord of the Rings: Conquest.

An EVO tournament champion, his passion for fighting games led to several extracurricular opportunities, including helping balance BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and improving Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for PS3/360, ultimately culminating in the creation of Skullgirls.

Alex Ahad
Creative Director

Alex has aspired to create video game-related art as early as elementary school, and has since made drawing his main hobby and passion, later pursuing animation in college. A long-standing art presence on the internet, Alex’s art has appeared in many publications such as Udon’s Tribute books, LAVApunch, and Scott Pilgrim.

Getting inspiration and influence from many different sources including classic western animation and Japanese anime, Alex’s approach to art carries a distinct focus on absurdity and energy. Believing in the timelessness of 2-D art, Alex strives to push the animation envelope in video games.


Project OT

Currently in the planning stages, Reverge Labs is working on an original IP concept for a 3D, socially-inclined action-RPG with online extensions.

Designed with international appeal and media extensibility in mind, this project is currently aimed at Sony’s NGP, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.