PAX CALVARIA*Mar 23, 2011

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Skullgirls was playable at PAX East in Boston, made playable to the public only a week after its official reveal at GDC 2011.



Macabre as it may be, there are no ghosts to be busted in Skullgirls, so he’s there because fightin’ makes him feel good.

Naturally, more positive press coverage followed.


This is the first fighting game I’ve ever played that has built in combo-breakers that work against ANY infinity combo.¬† If only the developers of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 had that level of foresight.

Please read the entire thing, so you can appreciate an excellent quote that just wouldn’t befit a company website – trust me, you’ll know it when you read it.

Next up…


Mike Z’s a hardcore fighting game fan, who freely talked about all of the great fighting games out there and his problems with them throughout our gameplay session. He wore his passion on his sleeve and was proud of some of the innovations¬†Skullgirls is bringing to the genre — innovations I think will makeSkullgirls one of the most exciting fighting games out there.

This one’s more of an interview, so it’s chock full of choice quotes from the illustrious Mr. Zaimont, so definitely give it a read.

We also have a podcast interview with Evil Avatar’s Adam Cogswell, their resident “fighting game fanboy.” The discussion’s interesting and rife with technical fighter-speak, so be sure to give it a listen.

Finally, we end with a brief interview clip on G4TV with design and programming lead, Mike Z.

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* Definition

Skullgirls GDC PreviewsMar 16, 2011

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Skullgirls made its first official appearance at GDC 2011, with great results.

MikeZ and Richard appeared in a Quick Look EX on Giant Bomb – a big thanks to Brad Shoemaker and the entire GB crew for inviting us down.

And here are some of the previews that resulted from Mike's tireless presentation efforts:


"This adorably animated 2D fighter was actually fun to play for me, and tweaked in just the right ways that I think both the hardest of the hardcore and novice fighters like me can appreciate. "


"An exceptionally promising title that every genre fan should keep an eye on."


"A serious fighting game contender designed by people who are passionate and expertly knowledgeable about what can make a fighting game succeed or fail."


Next up: PAX East attendees get to play the game themselves!