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Introducing: Friday Night Fights!Aug 27, 2011

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You hungered.

Starving for more Skullgirls video, you scoured the internet, foraging for whatever tidbits you could find.

But it wasn’t enough. Rewatching old clips just weren’t doing it any more. Craven urges flooded your mind, tainting every thought.

“No, no… that would be crazy…! But what if…? Oh yes, oh yes – that will work!” you think to yourself as you pocket your car keys and reach for your trusty axe.


Look, none of that is necessary, OK? Seriously.

We heard you, so we’ve cooked up another alliteration-heavy weekly feature: Friday Night Fights.


Every Friday evening we’ll upload a new match video taken from the latest build to quiet the voices in your head and let you follow the game’s progress more closely than ever before!




Skullgirls Autumn Preview Tour!Aug 26, 2011

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The Skullgirls Summer Preview Tour was a rousing success, so we’re continuing it through the fall.

Once again, people will be able play the game and give feedback at a variety of venues. We’ve got more appearances in the works, but here’s what we’ve got so far.

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Memories of GamesCom 2011Aug 22, 2011

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We’re back from GamesCom and had another excellent show. While we wish we had more stations and more fans had come to play, the press response was as glowing as we’d come to expect, and the recurring and dedicated fans were enthusiastic and fantastic. Meeting people from so many countries was excellent, and watching them enjoy the game was even better.

I took far too many pictures to post them all here, and you can see the rest one our Flickr page in the GamesCom 2011 photo set.



Koln Messe

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EVO 2011: Memories OfAug 3, 2011

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We end our EVO 2011 coverage with a look back on the event in pictures.

Video is nice and all, but not sentimental like pictures, you know? And if fighting game players are known for anything, it’s how sentimental they are.


Goodbye, EVO 2011… we had a great time! We look forward to seeing you again at EVO 2012, this time with a finished game!



Skullgirls booth at Evo
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EVO 2011: Skullgirls Side Tournament Finals!Aug 2, 2011

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Continuing our EVO 2011 coverage, we bring you the final rounds of the Skullgirls side tournament.

There are four videos in all: two semifinal rounds, one tie-breaker and the grand finals.


Semifinals 1: Super Cat Drugs vs. Copper Dabbit



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EVO 2011: Complete Panel Footage!Aug 1, 2011

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Between the panel, the side tournament and the generally overflowing enthusiasm for the game, Skullgirls had a great showing at EVO 2011.

We’ll have pictures as soon as the camera and its operator return from Vegas, but in the mean-time you can view Mike Z’s entire panel, Skullgirls: New Age of Heroines, right here.
The panel lasts a full 70 minutes or so, divided into 7 10-minute chunks for enhanced digestability.



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Skullgirls At EVO 2011!Jul 26, 2011

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EVO 2011 is rapidly approaching, and Skullgirls will be in full force!


Come play the game and talk shop with Reverge Labs developers, see Mike Z’s panel and participate in the new side-tournament!

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Anime Expo News Round-UpJul 7, 2011

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Being an art-centric event, it makes sense that all the Skullgirls coverage coming out of Anime Expo would be Alex-centric. We’ve got three new interviews with Skullgirls‘ creative director, Alex Ahad, on GameZone, Destructoid and the LA Weekly!


First up is GameZone’s video interview:


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Memories of E3…Jun 10, 2011

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E3 may no longer be in the Los Angeles Convention Center, but it will forever be in our hearts… or something.


Here are our pictures from the show!





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Welcome, Japan!Jun 3, 2011

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We’ve got over 100 Twitter followers on our Japanese account, @SkullgirlsJP, so we’re celebrating with a little piece of art!



Welcome, Japan!



Want To Work On Skullgirls?May 12, 2011

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Reverge Labs is looking to grow its pool of off-site animation contractors to finish up its 2D fighting game, Skullgirls.

We’re looking for 2D animators, 2D clean-up artists and 2D effects artists, starting immediately.

All qualified applicants will be required to take an art test to qualify.


Check out our jobs page for the full details here!

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Interview with Reverge Labs’ CEOApr 12, 2011

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UK game news and reviews site NowGamer has posted an interview with Reverge Labs CEO Richard Wyckoff.

The interview talks about the game a bit, the game marketplace and some of the many trials and tribulations of being an indie game developer.


Give it a read here.