Skulls Upon Skulls: LIVE!Jun 16, 2011

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A new event has been added to the Skullgirls Summer Preview Tour!

Giant Robot‘s Game Night 5 will be open to the general public, and a chance to not only play Skullgirls, but also the excellent Skulls of the Shogun, a strategy game by our friends and drinking buddies at Haunted Temple Studios.

Be sure to stop by and give both games a go!


Memories of ReveLAtions…Jun 13, 2011

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ReveLAtions is over, and Skullgirls had an excellent and enthusiastic showing. Our two stations were being played for pretty much the entirety of the tournament, which was roughly 46 hours.
We’ll always have these pictures to remind us of these great times, not to mention the nerd flu I picked up there.



Pre-Tourney Scene


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ReveLAtions Stream Footage!Jun 11, 2011

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Late last night, the guys at Level|Up and ReveLAtions presented us with a very generous opportunity to show Skullgirls on their stream. Of course we took them up on it.

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E3 Is Over…!Jun 10, 2011

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Three exhausting-yet-exhilarating days are finally over… only now we’ve got three more ReveLAtions! Not sure I’ll be physically capable of speaking by the end of all this.
I’ll be posting some pictures from the show soon, but until then, just wanted to let everyone know that we gave G4 a very early look at the next character to be revealed… expect it to air sometime next week!


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New Official Skullgirls Blog Post!Jun 6, 2011

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It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for another blog post on the Official Site’s blog.

If you saw the excellent animation documentary Autumn made for us, you may have wondered about the enigmatic “clean-up” step. In this week’s blog post, Lead Clean-up Arists Richard “RichArt” Suh steps you through it.

Like any animation company, streamlining our work is a top priority and essential to getting things done in a timely manner. Pretty much all of our animators are fully capable of cleaning up the things that they have roughly animated, but under the constraint of time, it’s easier for a specialist to do it in their stead. That’s where the clean-up artist comes in: given the time and training, clean-up artists can clean frames very quickly and efficiently, leaving the animators to focus more of their time on animating.


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Interview with Michiru YamaneJun 6, 2011

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BY: has a short interview with Skullgirls‘ composer Michiru Yamane about composing for the game.

The process of making music in and of itself is practically the same. However, with fighting games, unlike adventure and action games, the setting/screen doesn’t really scroll the same way.


You can read the full interview here!



Peacock In Motion!Jun 3, 2011

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Earlier this week we stopped by GameTrailers’ offices to give them a look at the latest build and let them see Peacock in action. As they are wont to do, they recorded the entire encounter, resulting in three new videos.
Naturally, HD is recommended.



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Animating… The Skullgirls Way!Jun 3, 2011

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Our ever-supportive publisher, Autumn Games, has produced a short and very slick documentary detailing the animation process we use to make our stellar, 100% hand-drawn 2D animation.

In just two minutes, you can see how a character is made from conception all the way to the final product…. something that takes our artists between 2000 and 3000 man-hours of finger-breaking labor.

That’s a savings of up to 99.998889%!


The video is really well-shot and put-together, so I highly recommend watching it in high resolution.




E3 Coverage Begins With Peacock!Jun 2, 2011

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Today with the help of designer Ian Cox, I demoed the latest build of Skullgirls to an adoring media at the Konami pre-E3 press event, while simultaneously tearing up my vocal cords.


Hmm? Konami? Oh. yeah – Konami will be distributing Skullgirls!


The highlight of the E3 build is of course a playable Peacock, the game’s long-revealed-yet-never-seen third playable character.

Expect lots of new coverage in the coming days, but first get warmed up with some screens of Peacock in action.


Click on the images or head to the complete photo set for higher resolution!




























Skullgirls Summer Preview Tour!May 25, 2011

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Autumn Games and Reverge Labs are excited to announce the imminent start of the Skullgirls Summer Preview Tour!


Skullgirls may still have a nebulous “2011” release date at the moment, but there will be plenty of opportunities to play it before it’s official launch.

The game will still be in development, but the characters on display will be fully functional and, most importantly, fun. All the major gameplay systems will be available, such as the infinite detection and breaking and custom assists, but the UI and backgrounds will not be final.

This is more than just promotional: we want the community’s feedback on the game early and often to ensure Skullgirls ends up as the best competitive fighter out there.


Here are some of the major stops on our Skullgirls Summer Preview Tour. We’re in the process of finalizing a few more appearances, so stay tuned!



June 7-9, 2011

Los Angeles Convention Center

Note: Only open to media and game industry



June 10-12, 2011

The Proud Bird Restaurant, Grand Ballroom

Los Angeles, CA


Giant Robot’s Game Night 5

June 25th, 2011

7 PM – 10 PM


Los Angeles, CA


East Coast Throwdown

June 25-26, 2011

Hyatt Morristown

Morristown, NJ


Anime Expo

July 1-4, 2011

Los Angeles Convention Center

Los Angeles, CA


EVO 2011

July 29-31, 2011

Rio Casino and Resort

Las Vegas, NV


New Official Skullgirls Blog Post!May 23, 2011

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Without any sort of apocalypse to impede production, we’ve resumed our usual blogging duties!

This week, Reverge Labs’ new Audio Director, Vincent Diamante, posts on the musical nature of fighting game sound design.

One of the big things to keep in mind with fighting game sounds is that they are always heard in diverse contexts. Characters sport a vast array of moves, and those basic building blocks come together to form new and exciting combos for players to learn, discover, and experience. While the gameplay function and visual narrative of those combos is often what is most striking, the aural narrative needs to be just as cool and convincing.


You can read the full post here!


Mammon Machine & Mike Z, Part IIMay 19, 2011

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Andrew Vanden Bossche has posted the second half of his extensive interview with Mike Z on his blog Mammon Machine.

Part 2 deals with designing characters.

MM: How does the process of designing characters with Alex Ahad work?

MZ: There’s a lot of general concepting at first. Then we’ll have a giant brainstorm session with all the artists and come up with, you know, 150 different moves that they could do that all fit in with the aesthetics of the character.


Give it a read here!